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We ask a few Hong Kong fitness experts for their advice on how best to welcome the sunny season in this busy city.

We’ve all heard the generic secrets on how to get beach-body for the summer – no alcohol, less carbs, more sleep and a healthy palate are a good start. But as we decided to dig a little deeper, we thought it best to consult the experts.

So here, in their own words, is their advice.


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The Big Three

“Ultimately, there are three compound workouts you mustn’t miss: deadlifts, squats and overhead press. Get on it to get to that summer bod you’re after.”

Denn Robles, Freelance Trainer at TOPFIT and Strength Culture


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For that Perfect Beach Booty

“Fix your technique before fixing your glutes. The common misconception is that our knees are the problem – they aren’t. Instead of reaching for your booty band and getting on with hip abductions, address the motor pattern through cueing.”

Geoffrey Bland, Exercise Physiologist at Joint Dynamics


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Don’t Just Dip Only into Pools

“The push-up, pull-up and dip – a very simple exercise routine performed with your own body weight – will help you sculpt a sexy summer upper body and a nice firm midsection.”

Timothy Skinner, Founder of Timothy Skinner Fitness


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Kill Two Birds with One Stone

“Combine your cardio and weight workouts regularly, with a focus on moderate to heavy supersets of two – you could produce a good burnout and promote lean muscle gains. Embrace the summer light and try get in two sessions a day if you’re flexible, by combining your cardio and weight workouts.”

Carl Marks, Senior Elite Trainer at Studio Fitness



It Ain’t Over till It’s Over

“Push yourself with a high-intensity metabolic finisher each time. We’re talking sprints, sled pushes and kettle-ball exercises. It all starts with how you finish.”

Jefferson Basso, Head Trainer at Maximus Studio

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