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The Abuja Art and Craft Village is one of the most intriguing tourist attractions to be found in the central capital of Nigeria.

Originally established in 2003 for the exhibition of Arts and Crafts during the Commonwealth meeting for the various Heads of Government, the Abuja arts and crafts village has since been adapted and managed as a tourist sight by the National Council for Arts and Culture.

And it has risen to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Abuja.

It is aptly named Arts and Crafts village because of its rustic setting with thatch houses and hut-like structures.

Although the invented village might now serve as a tourist attraction, it has still retained a big part of its original purpose; which is the exhibition of art.

Abuja Arts and Crafts Villageplay

Abuja Arts and Crafts Village

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And in every practical sense, the Arts and crafts village is a market for all sorts of Arts and Crafts. There are different arts and crafts that are displayed and sold to willing tourists at affordable prices.

Another interesting thing about the Arts and Crafts village is that it is home to a large group of extremely talented artists. And it is here they make and sell their work to willing buyers.

However, not all of the work displayed in the village are made in the village, some of them are made outside of the village by local craftsmen but are displayed and sold in the village.

Abuja Arts and Crafts Villageplay

Abuja Arts and Crafts Village

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Reputed for its extraordinary works, the Abuja Art and Craft Village is known for its very wide range of exhibited  Arts and Crafts. They are so varied and beautiful that even the locals get stunned by them whenever they come visiting.

This, among other reasons, is why the Abuja Art and Craft Village records a lot of visitors and art lovers from all over the world who come not only view the wide range of beautiful and extraordinary arts and crafts but also to purchase any appealing material for themselves.

Located directly across the high brow Sheraton Hotel, the Abuja Arts and Crafts Village can be found at 1161 Sani Abacha Way, Wuse Abuja.

Abuja Arts and Crafts Villageplay

Abuja Arts and Crafts Village

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It is an awesome spot for recreation either for yourself alone or for you and your family.

A place to visit if you ever find yourself in the capital city of Nigeria, as it will leave you with an experience you will never forget.

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