Aussie cricketer Adam Gilchrist visits Anantapur


Anantapur: Australian commentator and former international cricketer Adam Gilchrist has visited the RDT Cricket Stadium in Anantapur on Thursday.

While on the way to Pagidirai village in Tuggali Mandal of Kurnool district, Gilchrist has visited the stadium and examined sports facilities.

Speaking on the occasion, Adam Gilchrist said the RDT Cricket Stadium is impressive. He noted that the encouragement for cricket is excellent in India. At present, the Indian cricket team performance is very good, and the team strike has also become dangerous for other teams in international cricket. RDT Programme Director Mancho Ferrer has accompanied Adam Gilchrist during the tour.

The Pagidirai village in Kurnool district has been selected for a pilot project for setting up a solar power station. Gilchrist has come to the district to oversee the activities of the Village Energy.

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