Basic Tips When Placing Bets on Rugby


Played in more than 120 countries, rugby is a popular sport with an interesting story regarding its origin. The story goes back to 1823, when 16-year-old student William Webb Ellis played soccer at a Rugby school while holding the ball. Before long, rugby rules were established and the sport was spread across continents.


At present, rugby is played by some 5 million people and watched by hundreds of thousands of spectators. Of course, fans bet on rugby, just as they do on other sports. The rugby betting market offers a comprehensive array of betting options, and there are numerous annual major events to wager on.  


Today, we focus on Ireland sites for betting on rugby. In the following article you will find some basic tips to help you become a better punter. Before that, however, we want to explain how to bet on rugby matches.



  • Rugby betting – the basics


As in most other sports, it is the major events in rugby that attract the biggest public. Events like the Six Nations and the World Cup are always popular among punters, and bookmakers worldwide offer competitive odds for such events.


As we mentioned, the rugby betting market is wide so that each bettor can find something they want to put money on. Even though major events are more popular among bettors, we advise you to put money on more local events, such as club rugby tournaments, as these come at closer margins.



  • Rugby union and Rugby league


It should be noted that rugby has two divisions—Rugby Union and Rugby League—with each division playing a different rugby variation. Below, you can find the similarities and differences concerning the two types of rugby.




The goal in both the rugby union and the rugby league is to outscore the opposing team. Matches last the same amount of time, too – 80 minutes, divided into two halves of 40 minutes. Last, but not least, points can be scored by the same methods in both types of rugby – penalty kicks, tries, drop goals, and conversions. The amount of points awarded, however, differs in both games.




Essentially, what differentiates rugby league from rugby union is that rugby league is created as a faster sport that appeals to the wide public. That is why the number of players varies – in rugby union, teams consist of 15 players, whereas in rugby league the number of players is reduced to 13. That way, each side has more space for aggressive play. Additionally, mauls and rucks, which exist in rugby union, are eliminated in rugby league. What takes their place are play-the-ball restarts.


Rugby union is widely regarded as a more complex sport, including many rules which can not be found in rugby league.




Now that you know what types of rugby exist, you can proceed to betting. Before that, however, sporting pedia would like to provide you with some basic tips to help you make more accurate predictions on rugby games.



  • 1. Take a look at head-to-head records


Arguably the most important statistics to use when betting on rugby matches are head-to-head statistics. Unlike other sports, where it is usually uncommon for certain teams or players to dominate over other teams/players, it is surprisingly common in rugby.


We advise you to take advantage of head-to-head records between teams, participating in international championships, as it will help you understand which team is the better one.




This advice should be taken into account especially when bets are placed on rugby union. Rugby union games, which are not as fast-paced as rugby league games, tend to slow down even more when the weather is bad. Naturally, wet weather impacts the total score in a negative way, whereas nice weather usually leads to faster games that run smoothly.


If you like betting on total score in rugby matches, you should always consider the weather before placing a bet.



  • 3. Pay attention to injury statistics


In order to win no matter what sport you bet on, you should never pass on injury reports. As in any other sport, unified strength and balance play an essential role in the performance of a rugby team. But individual players are equally important and their absence can have devastating consequences to the team’s performance.


But if you check injury reports on a regular basis, you will be able to more accurately predict a team’s performance in a match. If a key player is missing from a team, it might be better to bet on the opposing team.



  • 4. Inform yourself as much as possible


Finally, in order to be a successful punter, you need to be informed. Knowledge will help you make more accurate bets and thus substantially increase your punting bankroll. To inform yourself, read as much news as you can find and watch as many games as possible.

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