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Weight loss is hard, and following a diet plan is the best way to keep the pounds off.

However, small tricks can help to boost your fat burning potential.

A new scientific report published this week has revealed the ideal temperature to keep your house at to boost weight loss.

According to scientists at the University of Nottingham having your house at a slightly lower temperature can activate the production of ‘good’ fat in the body.

The research found that fat made in the body can be influenced by our surroundings, specifically the temperature.

The two year study published in Scientific Reports found that keeping your house below 32°C triggers the production of brown fat cells.

Dr Sottile, who conducted the study, said: “However, our study has shown that even by making fairly modest changes in temperature we can activate our stem cells to form brown fat at a cellular level.

“The good news from these results is that our cells are not pre-programmed to form bad fat and our stem cells can respond if we apply the right change in lifestyle.”

What is brown fat?

Brown fat is fat that helps to heat the body when it is cold.

According to research, the fat burns a lot of energy relative to its size when activated, much more than the other form of fat, white fat.

This makes it a better fat to have, for your overall health and for weight loss.

Dr Sottile added: “The next step in our research is to find the actual switch in the cell that makes it respond to the change of temperature in its environment.

“That way, we may be able to identify drugs or molecules that people could swallow that may artificially activate the same gene and trick the body into producing more of this good fat.”

How to lose weight easily has been revealed by a nutritionist who claims following these small steps could help you lose a stone. 

Making healthy swaps will see you eat 250 fewer calories per day, without even noticing.

Drinking apple cider vinegar can also help you lose weight. 

One scientific study carried out in Japan showed that drinking more of the vinegar can help you lose more weight.

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