Bolton: Andrew Taylor says club issues affecting players’ personal lives


Andrew Taylor joined Bolton Wanderers from Wigan Athletic in May 2017

Bolton Wanderers’ off-field issues are affecting players’ personal lives, says defender Andrew Taylor.

Players have not received last month’s salaries, which were due on 28 March.

Taylor, Bolton’s Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) representative, was appointed by his team-mates to liaise directly with the Championship club’s hierarchy.

“We don’t know if or when we are going to get paid or anything,” Taylor, 32, told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“We’ve maintained a good attitude to everything but there’s only so much you can take as a group when it starts to impact on your personal and family life. That then affects your working life.”

It is the second month in a row that players have been paid late. They staged a two-day training strike this month.

Non-playing and coaching staff received their March salaries six days late.

Last week, players contacted the PFA and English Football League to deal with the situation on their behalf.

“When you’re unsure of when and if you’re going to get paid, how much you’re going to get paid, it does start to affect you because whether you’re earning £100 a week or £100,000 a week, you still have bills to pay,” Taylor said.

“In January, a couple of the lads helped out some of the younger boys because they were unable to pay for the train ticket to get to training.

“We’ve contributed to certain players to help them out and I’m sure that talks will be ongoing if there’s a few younger boys who need help again in this [current] situation. I’m sure if we can, we will as well.”

Bolton’s season to forget

It has been a miserable season for Wanderers on and off the pitch, with the club second from bottom of the Championship and nine points from safety with five games remaining.

Their financial problems included an adjournment of a High Court appearance last month over an unpaid £1.2m tax bill.

Owner Ken Anderson has been trying to sell the club, with former Watford owner Laurence Bassini the latest party close to a deal.

Taylor said: “It obviously doesn’t help, there’s no hiding from that fact. The off-field situations have certainly impacted the on-field performances and results.

“You’d like to think with a bit more stability around the place we’d be much better off. Mathematically it’s still not over.

“We’re going to keep fighting and giving it our all and try and get as many wins as we can.”

The PFA told BBC 5 Live Breakfast they had been trying to resolve the situation since the beginning of the season.

It said: “A substantial loan was made to the club last December to cover the player’s wages. We have subsequently been in regular contact with the players, the EFL and the club, including the owner.

“We will continue to work closely with all parties.”

The BBC contacted Bolton but they declined to comment.

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