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Garcia, a four-weight world champion, is regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport and currently holds the WBC lightweight world title.

The 30-year-old has found himself at the centre of a battle for his signature, with boxing newcomer Dana White – through his recently established Zuffa Boxing promotional company – going toe-to-toe with Eddie Hearn, who made his first foray into the American market by signing Daniel Jacobs last year.

Speaking to Es News yesterday, Garcia’s brother, Robert, said talks with White had been interrupted by Hearn’s billion-dollar announcement last week.

“Eddie sent me a text. He said: ‘I read what’s going on with Dana White, I would like to make Mikey an offer’,” Garcia explained.

“So I told Mikey and he said: ‘Give him my number’, he called Mikey and sent him an offer.

“Mikey screenshotted that offer – and believe me, it was a hell of an offer. It’s an offer that nobody with Top Rank, nobody with Golden Boy is making.

“But it’s still not as good as what Mikey is already making. Mikey told him: ‘I’m already making a lot more than what you are offering’, so Eddie sent him a new one last night.

“It is good, it is a hell of an offer so I don’t know what Mikey is going to do. It’s still not as much as what Mikey is already earning, they don’t know his purses. It’s still a really good offer.

“It still probably has to go a little more or depending on who he offers for Mikey to fight, that is what is probably going to make a difference.”

Matchroom’s groundbreaking deal with DAZN, pronounced da-zone, has shaken up the boxing landscape in the US, as Hearn promised to go after some of the biggest names in the sport with unparalleled spending power.

The 38-year-old even hinted that Deontay Wilder, who currently has no formal promotional deal, could even be targeted, increasing the likelihood of facing Anthony Joshua some point this year.

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