Can weight loss help in getting rid of cellulite?


Accept it or not, nearly every woman has cellulite. Though this condition is more common in women, men can also get affected. This persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin appears particularly on hips and thighs. According to experts, as soon as cellulite appears, you must try to get rid of it, as this condition can worsen with age. Here we have mentioned a few ways that will help you in diminishing cellulite from your skin.

What is cellulite?

When skin gets a lumpy and dimpled appearance, it is referred to as cellulite. Though it affects mostly thighs and buttocks, cellulite can appear on other parts of the body as well. This skin crumpling happens when fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue and causes orange-peel like skin.

Can losing weight help in eradicating cellulite?

Weight loss doesn’t cure cellulite but it certainly helps in preventing and reducing its appearance. This is because when you maintain a healthy weight, there will be less fat beneath your skin, which in turn, lessens the chances of creating a dimpled skin.

A few effective tips

Exercising: Health experts say that exercising alone doesn’t effectively help in getting rid of cellulite. Exercise helps in reducing fat but it is difficult to spot-treat this condition. You also need to have a nutritious diet and proper blood circulation. Along with these, you must work out to reduce fat-storage hormones as they are more prevalent in the lower body.

Diet: Another factor you must consider is to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating a low-fat diet which is rich in lean protein and fresh veggies is another way to lose body fat. You must avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Lower your carb intake but remember that before you add or eliminate any food type, you must consult a health expert.

Improve your blood circulation: There are a lot of exercises that help in improving blood circulation. Getting body massages also helps in improving blood circulation. You must do a few exercises that target boosting your blood flow but remember to do it under expert supervision.

Do cardio and strength training: This is another great way to lose body fat. Indulging in cardio exercises and strength training improves blood circulation and firms skin underneath the cellulite deposits. Also, target your lower body area and challenge your thigh and buttock muscles. You can also do step-ups, lunges and squats as these exercises will aim the targeted area and will help you in preventing cellulite.

Are genes also to be blamed?

There are certain genetic factors that might affect the chances of developing cellulite. These factors include your ethnicity, circulatory levels, development of fat under skin and metabolism. All these factors can cause cellulite.

Hormones and age factor

Your hormones play a major role in the development of cellulite. Hormones such as thyroid hormones, estrogen, insulin, and prolactin are considered as parts of the cellulite formation process. There are a few theories that state when a woman reaches menopausal stage, she might get prone to developing cellulite because of decreased blood flow. Lower blood circulation means less oxygen, which results in producing collagen. And as the estrogen level falls, fat cells become larger.

Also, as you age, your skin becomes less elastic and thinner. This also increases your chances of getting saggy skin, which also becomes responsible for developing orange-peel like skin.

You may think that it is only fat people who get cellulite. While they are more prone to this condition, even thin people could get it, particularly if they have damaged or dehydrated skin. You must maintain a healthy weight and should indulge in a healthy lifestyle to prevent cellulite.

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