Dating Advice For A Single Woman On How To Attract A Guy | Sarah Stewart


Try this dating exercise that will help you find love.

“Why can’t I find someone?”

“Why do I keep dating the wrong person?”

“Why can’t I get beyond one or two dates?”

I hear these questions often from single women. Interestingly, the dating advice I frequently hear and read as a response, tells people to make lists about what they truly want in a relationship and/or partner.

I myself give that advice to some of my clients; it is a good start for a single woman dating in this harsh dating world. However, it is just a start.

The other less advertised and more difficult piece is about you — not what you want, but what you bring and, dare I say, don’t bring to the table.

This exercise is good to do with a really close friend and confidant who can assist you with getting really honest when it comes to learning how to attract a guy.

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Start with a list of what you bring to a relationship.

What do you offer? You can start with generalities, personable, fun, athletic, but then dig deeper and get specific.

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