Democrats escalate battle with Trump with a dozen new subpoenas


House Democrats will vote Thursday to subpoena a dozen Trump administration officials, including Jared Kushner, in a move that will escalate the party’s battle with the president.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced his panel will vote to issue subpoenas to obtain documents and testimony from current and former Trump administration officials related to immigration policy, including family separations and detentions as well as any offers of pardons to Department of Homeland Security officials.

The New York Democrat said the subpoenas into “obstruction of justice, public corruption and other abuses.”

In addition to Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, the list includes former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former chief of staff John Kelly, Corey Lewandowski, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Nadler said in a statement the panel has been seeking information from the Trump administration on the topics but has not received adequate answers.

“As always, I remain open to reaching a reasonable accommodation and will not issue subpoenas if the information we are seeking is voluntarily provided,” Nadler said in a statement. “We will get answers one way or the other.”

The panel will vote to subpoena the following:

Rick A. Dearborn
Michael T. Flynn
Joseph “Jody” H. Hunt
Jared C. Kushner
John F. Kelly
Corey R. Lewandowski
Robert R. Porter
Rod J. Rosenstein
Jefferson B. Sessions
Keith M. Davidson
Dylan Howard
David J. Pecker

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