Finals Results: Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2018



Live Updates:

12:40 – Your final men’s podium is: 1. Loic Bruni 2. Troy Brosnan 3. Danny Hart

12:35 – It’s a win for Loic Bruni! 3rd for Danny Hart.

12:32 – Super Bruni goes into the hot seat! Danny Hart the last man down the mountain.

12:26 – Pierron, fresh off a crash in practice, pulls together a 2nd place run and barely topping Loris Vergier to secure his overall win.

12:23 – Luca Shaw keeps it rubber side down but crosses the line in 3rd.

12:18 – The Bulldog takes a digger in the same spot as Finn Illes, barreling into the tape.

12:14 – No sooner said than Troy Brosnan is on course and CRUSHES the splits. He goes into the hot seat with a 3 second lead.

12:14 – A smooth run for Loris Vergier puts him up as the new one to beat! 6 men left at the top.

12:08 – Finn Illes up on splits as well before taking a similar spill to Minnaar.

12:04 – Greg Minnaar on a killer run till a crash knocking him back, but only by 2 seconds.

11:55 – Canadian Mark Wallace can’t crack the time of the top spot as the top 10 are now left to go.

11:38 – A DNS for Laurie Greenland, and footage of a brutal crash for Amaury Pierron in his last practice run today providing a bit of a shake up for the top riders.

11:27 – Charlie Harrison unseat’s Angel, Gee Atherton on course now and green through the splits, but loses time in the end and finishes second leaving Harrison in the lead.

11:23 – Angel Suarez Alonso sitting in the hot seat with the second half of the men’s field left at the top.

10:16 – Your final women’s podium is: 1. Rachel Atherton 2. Tahnee Seagrave 3. Tracey Hannah

10:14 – Tahnee falls 5 seconds back behind Rachel who takes the win here at MSA!

10:07 – It’s all left to Tahnee, the last woman at the top of the hill…

10:06 – Rachel Atherton with Massive split leads takes over the top spot with over a 20-second lead.

10:05 – Myriam Nicole rolling down the course outside the tape, looks like it’s day over for her by seems to be in one piece.

10:01 – A mechanical for Tracey Hannah at the end of the course, but she tucks through the finish to retain her 1.4-second lead into first.

9:57 – Marine Cabirou gaining time through the course going green and sitting in the top spot with four left at the top.

9:52 – Monika Hrastnik crushes the times so far, taking over the hot seat with a 16-second lead.

9:50 – 2017 World Champ, and Canada native, Miranda Miller, goes green through all the splits but crosses the line in 2nd place.

9:45 – Women are on course, Carina Cappellari sitting in the hot seat.

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