Former WWE Star Comments On Curt Hawkins’ Losing Streak


The losing streak of Curt Hawkins firstly became embarrassing. Then, it caught a little bit of steam and started to get over with the crowd. However, nowadays, Curt’s losing streak has become more humiliating with ever.

Based on his current WWE run, sometimes it is hard to remember that he was a WWE Tag Team Champion with Zack Ryder as the Edgeheads, and part of one of the biggest spots in WWE at the time by being a member of the La Familia stable led by Edge. Some of the final moments of his WWE main roster career before he returned involved teaming with his good friend Tyler Reks, and losing to Ryback in a handicap match before getting disposed of the Brothers of Destruction at Raw 1,000.

I recently spoke with Reks (Gabe Tuft) again on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss Hawkins’ current losing streak. He stated that he would quit WWE without question if he was put in a similar situation, because he knows his worth. He also stated that he would go to the WWE executives and inform them that he is going to walk out the door unless there is something coming out of him losing so much.

Curt Hawkins Comments On Losing Streak

“Our mentality was, there is nowhere else to work,” said Reks. “This is it, we made it, we gotta do everything we can to stay here. But knowing that it’s a big wall, especially from a guy who’s quit, left, walk out the door, whatever you want to call it, started from scratch and rebuild, there’s other things to do, because you know your value. As long as you know your value, I would have no problem saying, ‘hey, this ain’t working for me. Figure it out, or I’m out the door.'”

Reks believes that Hawkins is aware of what is going on, and he’ll wait it out because he has a lot of patience. His long tenure as a pro wrestler, allows him to “know the game,” and endure an angle until the end.

If any of these quotes are used, be sure to H/T the Pancakes and Powerslams Show for the transcription.

Source: Pancakes and Powerslams

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