General Election 2019 news: Boris Johnson on whistle-stop tour of UK after Labour’s Tom Watson quits



The Tories have called on an election watchdog to probe the Remainer pact over claims it is breaking the law.

Leaders of the Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru have announced plans not to run candidates against each other in 60 seats in an effort to keep out the Tories and Labour.

Unite to Remain will see Lib Dems get a clear run in 43 seats – while Jo Swinson’s party will make way in 10 constituencies for Green Party candidates.

Plaid will step aside in seven Welsh constituencies.

Thirty two seats are being targeted by the Lib Dems – some of which are held by high profile figures in the party including former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, a leading Brexiteer, Zac Goldsmith and Alun Cairns, who recently quit as Welsh Secretary.

Tory chairman James Cleverly has written to the electoral commission accusing the group of failing to registers a third-party campaigner, The Telegraph reports.

Mr Cleverly also claims Unite to Remain breached third party spending limits and failed to publish their donations.

He told the commission: “I urge you to urgently investigate the activities of Unite to Remain and ask what pre-emptive measures can be considered to prevent a potential serious breach of electoral law.”

Unite to Remain have denied the allegations.

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