Govt moves to punish Jamalpur DC Ahmed Kabir after lurid videos go viral –


It will publish a gazette confirming the decision on Sunday, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told on Saturday night.

In Bangladesh, making OSD is often an act of punishment for public servants. Now the government will assign another official to head the district administration of Jamalpur.

Kabir denied the allegations brought against him in social media posts.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, he admitted that the woman in the videos was an employee of his office, but the man was not him.

Fake accounts were used to spread the videos and the entire incident was staged to harass him, he said.

Mymensingh Divisional Commissioner Khandaker Mostafizur Rahman said his office was investigating the media reports on the videos.

“We will take legal steps if the incident comes out to be true,” he said.

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