How to Open Up about Your Mental Health: Tips to Deal with Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Issues


How to Open Up about Your Mental Health: Tips to Deal with Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Issues

It is easy to feel isolated and alone if you are suffering from a mental health condition. After all, there is so much stigma related to mental illness and seeking treatment for mental health that many people don’t feel comfortable opening up about their experiences. Fortunately, a few prominent celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Lady Gaga have spoken out. Amid there hectic schedules and eye in the public eye, they sought help and used their platform to raise awareness about mental health conditions. Here’s where you can start.

Let’s be real. Just the thought of finding a friend who has the time to listen or a therapist can be downright exhausting. Instead of being on the lookout for the right person, try opening up even casually to someone you are super close with by sharing small details about your day. Slowly work up by telling her about your emotions and how you perceive things. You can start by sharing one small detail and see how you feel to test the waters. Here’s what gets wrong and right about mental health problems.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Are you worried you will face backlash if you speak up or do you think you are going to be judged? If these questions bother you, ask yourself about whose judgements you are really worried about and take a moment to think realistically about the scenario. Think about the times you have opened up in the past or sought support. Often, the worries are way bigger in our minds than they actually are. Checking in with yourself to see if you are over thinking can help you bring back to reality. Here’s why mental health of youngsters should be taken seriously.

Consult a Therapist

Many mental health professionals offer a free initial consultation for prospective clients. This can be a safe way to try a therapist and see if you feel comfortable with the person. If it feels right and you can swing by financially, it can be an entry point of consistent therapy for you. A good therapist will try her best to make you feel comfortable and free.

Maintain a Journal

If you are not quite ready to put it out there for the world to hear, pen down your thoughts and feelings on a paper. Maintaining a journal can be a great tool for getting your thoughts out of your head. You can also use your phone or a voice recorder to record how you are feeling. Letting out your thoughts can help offload your worries and anxieties later.

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