Kerala couple falls into river while trying to kiss on a canoe during pre-wedding shoot – Watch viral video


kerala couple falls in river

The couple from Kerala ended up having a viral pre-wedding shoot after the incident (Pic credit:Facebook/Weddplanner)&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspFacebook

New Delhi: A pre-wedding photography session usually aims at capturing the love and romance of the couple about to get hitched. However, a recent photo shoot of a young Kerala couple went viral on social media a few days ago, but not for the reason you would imagine. 

The couple was meant to kiss sitting on a canoe, instead, they ended up falling into the river and the video of this hilarious incident instantly gained the internet’s attention. 

The couple in the viral video are Tijin Thankachen from Thiruvalla and Silpa from Changanacherry, who are tying the knot on May 6. Their photoshoot was held along the banks of the Pamba river at Kadammanitta in Pathanamthitta district.

In the video, the photographer is seen giving instructions to the couple as they sit on the canoe, and asks them to kiss. Initially, everything goes as per plan with the couple holding a banana leaf over their heads as water is splashed on them. 

However, the moment Tijin leans in to kiss Silpa, the two lose their balance and fall off the canoe and into the river. Cue hilarity! 

The organiser of the wedding shoot later revealed in an interview with a news portal that the entire thing was actually “planned”. However, the couple was not told about the ‘twist’.

“To be frank that did not happen haphazardly, our team had pre-planned it without letting it be known to the couple. We wanted to shoot something funny for our personal website, and the couple had invited us only for a normal shoot,” Bincy Nirmalan, from photography studio Weddplanners, told 

The couple initially believed that the whole thing was an accident, he said. “The couple kept laughing after their fall believing it was an accident. We revealed it to them after the shoot, and they said that they really enjoyed it,” Nirmalan told the news portal. 

The video has already got over 1.9 lakh ‘views’ on the company’s Facebook page and the post has received more than 4,000 ‘likes’.

For now, the couple, their families and the couple are happy with all the love and attention coming their way. After all, what’s a love story without a little bit of laughter? 


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