La Liga to ‘bend’ playtimes to suit Asian viewers – Thu, May 16 2019


Spanish soccer league La Liga has vowed to adjust the time of matches to Asian preferences in an attempt to expand its international market and fan base.

La Liga global network Indonesia delegate Rodrigo Gallego said the new schedule would start next season, adding that half of the matches would take place during prime time in the Asian region.

“This is historical for La Liga. In Spain, we [like to watch soccer] during dinner time. And now we are changing everything, because we know we have a global audience,” he told The Jakarta Post on the sidelines of a press briefing on Tuesday.

The regular playtimes of the soccer league are 9 to 10 p.m., which is the usual dinner time in Spain, but this does not suit fans in regions like Southeast Asia, as they have to wake up before dawn to watch their favorite clubs.

Playtimes are an important issue for the league, …

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