Latest: Where the abortion debate stands now


California Rep. Jackie Speier said Tuesday that women are being portrayed as property in states that have passed legislation restricting abortions and argued that government should be excluded from womens’ health decisions.

“I think that women are being depicted as chattel,” Speier said in an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” when asked about state bills that would limit abortion procedures.

“The government has no right in my uterus, has no right in my vagina,” the California Democrat said.

Several Republican-led states have moved to pass bills restricting abortion, including Alabama, which enacted the country’s most restrictive abortion law last week, with the hopes of them being used as a vehicle to challenge the US Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. 

“This has gotten quite absurd, and I think Alabama is just one more example of the many states that have now passed laws to treat women as if they do not have control over their bodies,” Speier told CNN.

Speier argued, “if we are going to start regulating women and their reproductive health, well maybe we should start regulating men and their reproductive health.” 

Speier last week joined a number of women on social media in sharing their personal stories about abortion, saying that she underwent the procedure because it was the “best choice for my health (and) my family.”

“While it was an immensely hard decision, I don’t regret it,” she wrote on Twitter.

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