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Since 2016, Lenovo has been working on folding display technology which has been implemented into a series of smartphone concepts; now the company has announced a device that uses this flexible tech in a never-before-seen way: as a folding “tablet” that can function as a PC.

On May 13, Lenovo took the folding smartphone display trend to a whole other level: not only did they enlarge the concept, but also they gave it enough power to function as a laptop. The PC, which the company refers to as the “world’s first foldable PC”, will be joining the ranks beside the other members of the premium ThinkPad X1 range.

Lenovo specifically avoids referring to this device as a phone, tablet, or hybrid, instead calling it “a full-fledged laptop with a foldable screen” that bends completely in half. The OLED 2K display has been made in collaboration with LG Display.

Though the company does not offer exact technical specifications, they do confirm that it is Intel-powered and uses Windows software.

This unnamed device will commercially launch in 2020. For full product details, Lenovo says to “stay tuned”.

– AFP Relaxnews

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