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Commuters have been warned that the M25 could grind to a halt causing severe delays today as up to 10,000 bikers travel from Essex in a mass protest rally. The bikes gathered at Thurrock Service this morning before setting off for Central London. But why are the bikers protesting?

The rally has been organised by armed forces veterans, in order to give support to a former soldier who has been charged with murder for his part in Bloody Sunday. 

Rider Fred Staszewski wrote on Facebook to warn anyone heading on the roads into London on Friday that 7,000 people were estimated to be on the roads around the capital.

He said: “Just a heads up, please be aware that this Friday, April 12 there will be many motorcycles on ALL roads leading to London.

“There are groups of riders coming from the 4 corners of the country and it is estimated that 7,000 bikes will be in attendance.

“There are 5 designated assembly points around the M25 before the push into central London.

“Please take extra care out there on Friday and watch out for the bikers.”

However, now estimates have risen to 10,000 for those in attendance.

The Met Police working alongside protesters to ensure a safe environment.

What was Bloody Sunday?

Bloody Sunday, also known as the Bogside Massacre, took place on January 30, 1972, in the Bogside area of Derry in Northern Ireland. 

During a protest match against internment, 28 unarmed civilians were shot by British soldiers. 

As a result, 14 people died, with 13 killed outright and the last man died four months later as a result of his injuries. 

Many of those who were shot were attempting to flee the soldiers, whilst others tried to help those injured. 

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