MedExpress gives summer health and safety tips


ROCHESTER, Minn.- While many people spend the summer having fun in the sun, MedExpress is seeing too many people are spending time in urgent care.
MedExpress nurse practitioner Mark Bonin said the warmer months bring more patients in.

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“The fact that we’re a lot more active in the summer in Minnesota, children are out riding their bicycles they’re on playground equipment more often,” said Bonin.

He tells KIMT the most common injuries he’s noticed during the summer is sprained and broken bones from people falling.

Here’s a list of ways to avoid common injuries during the summer from MedExpress.

-Wear protective clothing.
-Do not walk outside bare foot. MedExpress said this increases your risk for stepping on sharp objects or insects that sting.
-Remind children to always wear a helmet.
-Teach children to roll when fall. This can help avoid serious injuries like sprains and bruising.

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