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Meghan Markle, 37, travelled to a number of countries long before she met Prince Harry. New Zealand, Italy, Greece and Rwanda were just a few places she visited, be it for a holiday or charity work. She often wrote about her travels on her lifestyle blog The Tig which she closed shortly before her relationship with Prince Harry hit the spotlight. Something she previously revealed was her favourite country, which she explained was Mexico.

Meghan wrote about her favourite country which she travelled to on holiday throughout her childhood.

“I am often asked about my favorite places in the world, and nary a conversation occurs where I don’t mention my beloved Mexico,” she wrote.

“The culture, and food, the people and varied landscapes make it a favored destination of mine year after year.”

She explained how she often visited with her mother due to the close proximity to Los Angeles where they lived at the time.

They attended many of the famous locations such as the Day of The Dead celebrations in Oaxaca, as well as visiting some of the beaches in Tulum and Puerto Vallarta.

She posted many images she took with friends during trips to Mexico, including beach swimming and eating the local cuisine.

As a self-professed foodie, she offered her readers the best locations to eat, stay and visit.

Her father, Thomas, still lives in Mexico although it is thought they have not seen each other for months.

Prince Harry has also never been to Mexico on holiday or for an official visit.

While travelling to a number of US states, he is yet to travel to the region.

The royal couple have racked up the countries since meeting, however.

Their first trip together was to Africa just three weeks after meeting when Prince Harry invited Meghan to stay with him.

They also travelled to Tromvk in Norway during the festive season in 2016 together to watch the Northern Lights.

Other countries include Monaco for New Years and Jamaica for a friends wedding.

Their official visits on behalf of the Royal Family have taken them to Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

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