Mike Leach describes why he hates golf and it’s perfect


Many people love golf. The Masters is one of the most beloved sporting events in America. But Mike Leach, in typical Mike Leach fashion, “hates” golf.

Leach discussed the sport while speaking with reporters on Wednesday night and gave some truly great answers. Some of the quotes Leach provided on the sport include:

  • “I hate golf.”
  • “It’s boring. I don’t care where that ball goes.”
  • “Here’s what you talk about on the golf course. And Jonathan Winters, a great comedian, had a really good point. Golfers are always practicing their swing. But you know what I never did? I never practice fishing in my living room.”
  • “Golf’s pretty much for people that don’t swear effectively enough or need practice. And so there are people that need golf, and I don’t think I do.”

You can listen to Leach’s full quote on the sport below.

This certainly ranks up there with the story Leach told earlier this offseason about how he followed a raccoon to see where it lived. Leach is regarded as one of the best offensive minds in sports and has turned Washington State into a consistently good team. He very nearly became Tennessee’s coach this past offseason before John Currie lost his job as athletic director. Phillip Fulmer ended up selecting Jeremy Pruitt, Alabama’s defensive coordinator instead.

While most are satisfied with Pruitt, surely there are some Tennessee fans wondering what could’ve been had the school hired Leach.

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