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Kisumu MCA Prisca Misachi, has been in politics for a long time, so long such that her rivals have nicknamed her Mugabe.

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was ousted from power last November after ruling the south African nation for 37 seven years.

However for Misachi, she has not been clinging to power against the will of the people, but she has been trouncing her opponents in various elective posts over and over again in her political career that has spanned for 35 years.   

The Kaloleni/Shaurimoyo Ward Rep came into the local political scene as a young girl and was first elected as councillor in the defunct local authorities set-up.

She served for many years before she was elected as a Ward Representative for Kaloleni-Shaurimoyo in the 2013 election.

She defended her seat in last year’s General Election.

So why is she only involved in politics at the local level and not the national one?

Misachi says that her call is not in the national arena, but “down here” where she can change the lives of people directly.

“Leadership is a calling and my call is at the grassroots level,” said Misachi.

At 68, Misachi, is Kisumu’s oldest MCA is currently serving her second term in the County Assembly.

Together with Paul Okiri of West Kisumu Ward, they are the only MCAs who managed to defend their seats in the last General Election.

She was first elected councillor for Kaloleni/Shaurimoyo Ward in 1983 amidst the difficulties that women in the 1980s faced trying to get political seats.

Misachi has worked as the deputy mayor of Kisumu and was elected unopposed as the mayor.

During the ODM nominations and even the main election, she faced competition from youthful leaders who campaigned on the platform of change and fresh leadership.

The veteran leader however stated that her competitors could not express themselves well and bagged all their hopes on the youth vote only.

She says that not all the youth in Kaloleni/Shaurimoyo vote therefore and that her opponents did not do their homework well.

“My constituents are mature and need to be treated as so. My message resonates well with all the age groups and that is why I remained the favourite,” she said.

One of her unique campaign strategies is that she does not make election pledges during campaigns like other politicians.

“What I do is get opinions on what they want done and push for them when elected. I can’t promise I will build roads and I have no machinery to construct them,” she says amidst a hearty laugh.

Misachi was born in Uyoma, Rarieda Sub-County where she attended Linea Primary School and later studied at Ngara Girls Secondary School in Nairobi.

She later joined the Church Army School where she dropped out in Form Two.

She got a job as an office assistant at the office of the late Cabinet Minister Tom Mboya.

In 1971 worked for the Kenya Commercial Bank and for the British American Tobacco from 1972 to 1983.

According to the politician, there is need for women to be steadfast and firm in the views they stand for and support each other.

Misachi said that after her term as Kaloleni/Shaurimoyo she will not be contesting for another elective post.

“I will concentrate on mentoring upcoming leaders,” she said.

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