Pro Disc Golf shines bright in Central Illinois


Lake Eureka, Ill – If anyone out there thinks disc golf requires no energy at all, I’d encourage them to play a round or two.

After walking just five holes with the players and the hundreds of fans, it’s apparent that it’s not an easy game.
After speaking with multiple volunteers and pro disc golf athletes, I was blown away by how big an event like this is in Central Illinois.

The top disc golf athletes and thousands of fans made their way to Lake Eureka for the past four days.
After walking over rocks, through trees, and running from one hole to the next, it was very clear, disc golf is no joke.
Each shot takes an unbelievable amount of finesse, accuracy, and strength.
And this tournament is bringing a lot of noise to Central Illinois.
Austin Turner who is a Discraft Pro Athlete says, “Peoria itself, is a great city.  They welcome us in, like I said the fans and the people itself are just awesome.  This course out here, Lake Eureka, is just a beautiful property.”

Turner was a part of the pro men’s division, but this Discraft tournament had a number of divisions including a women’s division. 4-time World Champion Paige Pierce says Peoria is the biggest place for disc golfers to play.
“It’s always good to come to Peoria, just because it’s the biggest payout of the year.  It’s the biggest stage we play on, as you can see, the production is quite large so it’s just awesome to be playing on such a big stage here.”

Hundreds of players came to Central Illinois for the disc golf pro tour, in hopes to win this trophy. But Mark Canada says the game of disc golf is much more than that.
“Anyone can do it, it’s something that you can do fairly cheaply.  You can spend whatever you want to on discs.  You can get discs for $5 to $50 if you want to. And anyone can play this game, it’s a lot of fun.  Just good, good people.”
Canada says the game of golf has evolved immensely over the last few years.
“The players are getting younger and younger and younger.  One of the players on the card today is 20 years old.  Just a great kid, doing a really good job out there.”



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