Real people share tips to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship


Long distance relationships are tough. The amount of trust and patience that it requires, is not everybody’s cup of tea. But still, if you really love someone, no distance can really make a difference. To maintain a healthy long-distance relationship you must act really mature and realise the fact that it is a high amount of trust that will help you keep going in the relationship. That being said, even though long distance relationships are difficult there are a number of successful long-distance relations that, in the high-paced world, will give you hope and restore your trust in love. Here are a few practical tips from real-life long-distance couples that will help you:

1. Make good and responsible use of social media and technology: Advancement in technology and the advent of social media has changed a lot. But in a long distance relationship, it is very important that you don’t misuse or underuse them.

2. Make a timetable: Make a timetable to talk or video call from time to time and stand by them. Try not to change the routine and abide by it.

3. Make some rules: Relationships are not run on rules but since you are in a long-distance relationship wherein you can’t meet or see every day, make simple rules like updating each other before heading to a certain place or updating each other about your daily routine.

4. Make a savings plan: Nothing can replace a face to face meeting. Plan your finances well in a way that you can afford your tickets and meetups from time to time.

5. Do not involve 3rd persons in your relationship: Long-distance relationships are usually more vulnerable than normal relationships, therefore, communication becomes the most important aspect. Involving a third person makes things only more complicated. Refrain from any such involvement and believe in one-on-one communication.

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Published: March 14, 2018 4:28 pm

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