Revenge tip? Woman leaves $5,000 gratuity on $55 bill to get revenge on boyfriend


Woman leaves $5K revenge tip boyfriend’s card

Clearwater, Fla. — Police say a $5,000 tip a woman left on a $55 cafe bill wasn’t a case of generosity or charity. The woman is accused of using her boyfriend’s credit card to leave the tip as revenge, and she’s charged with theft in the incident.

Clearwater police say Serina Wolfe was upset her boyfriend wouldn’t buy her a plane ticket home to Buffalo, New York. A police report says the boyfriend placed a hold on his credit card during the argument but later lifted it.

Investigators say Wolfe left the tip at a restaurant in Clearwater’s tourist district last week. The restaurant has already paid out the waitress and the police say it is up to the waitress and the restaurant as to whether or not she has to give the tip back.

The boyfriend notified his credit-card company Monday, calling it a fraudulent charge. Wolfe was arrested Tuesday on a felony grand-theft charge.

No one answered a phone number listed for Wolfe.

Serina Wolfe 

Clearwater Police

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