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Alexander Zverev joined Roger Federer’s management company earlier this year and Nicolas Kiefer believes that can push the German to the next level.

Zverev has won just one ATP title this year but heads to next week’s ATP Finals in London as defending champion.

Zverev is the seventh seed at the O2 and is due to face Rafael Nadal in his first match on Monday.

He is in a separate group to Federer but former world No 4 Kiefer believes the move to join Team8, which Federer co-founded, will held Zverev.

“Zverev has known what he has to work on and signing that deal with Roger’s company has been good for him,” Kiefer told Sky Sports.

“Now he can focus on his tennis and he is still a top eight player remember, so he’s part of the ATP Finals in London,” he told Sky Sports.

“To finish the year in the top 10 by not playing his best tennis is a great achievement. I hope he can get it together for 2020 because if I can pick a player that I think that can make it, then it would be Sascha.

“With the combination with Roger, he can learn a lot. Roger is aware of Sascha’s game; he knows what he is doing wrong and knows how he can improve.

“Everything Roger does, he does 100 per cent, so I think he’s 100 per cent behind Sascha otherwise he wouldn’t sign him.

“Remember that he is still very young.”

Zverev and Federer are due to tour South America after the ATP Finals as the pair play a number of exhibition matches.

Zverev said: “I will enjoy the big opportunity to share the court with Roger and do as much as possible to beat him.

“I was invited to join Roger during this South American tour and I thought it could have been a unique chance in life to do something like this.

“I usually go on holiday during that week but I knew it was a great opportunity to play in front of new crowds and see a part of the world that I do not really know.”

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