Scott Morrison hits back at Labor’s ‘tax grab to go’ – politics live | Australia news

Scott Morrison hits back at Labor’s ‘tax grab to go’ – politics live | Australia news
Scott Morrison hits back at Labor’s ‘tax grab to go’ – politics live | Australia news

Bill Shorten to Malcolm Turnbull:

“Why is the government negotiating to give big business a handout after the byelections? Don’t voters deserve to know the truth that this government is teaming up with One Nation to give the banks $17bn?”

Turnbull (he is very excited to answer this question. He has papers and everything to read from):

“The honourable member has asked me about the voters in Longman being entitled to hear the truth, and that is absolutely right. They are, they are, and they did not get the truth from the leader of the opposition on 22 June when he was on radio, and he was on radio and he said that, you could not get chemotherapy on Bribie, you had to go to Brisbane to get it, couldn’t get it anywhere near Caboolture, and a lady called Patsy called in.

“She rang into the radio program and she sought to correct the leader of the opposition. It is one of the most excruciating calls to listen to. The patronising way in which he talks over Patsy, cuts off, does not want to listen to her, and he says, he says, ‘Patsy, I can’t see why you are so frustrated,’ and Patsy, Mr Speaker, spoke for all Australians, certainly all the voters in Longman, when she said, ‘I’m frustrated because you’re not telling the truth, for God’s sake.’

“She called him out for one falsehood after another. Then he talked over the top of her at the hospital and he said in a rather patronising way, ‘Well, we disagree there, Patsy. You are entitled to your opinion.’ She said again, speaking for all Australians and everyone in Longman, ‘Are you serious?! I live here.’ I know, Mr Speaker. The fact is the leader of the opposition is misleading the people in Longman as he is misleading the people right around the country.

“Funding has increased. And even when Patsy, living there, living in Caboolture, calls up and seeks to get the facts straight, using the services of the hospital, the medical services, when she called up, this arrogant, out of touch leader of the opposition talks over the top of her and says rather grandly …”

Tony Smith cuts off his oration and says that he said a little bit ago, he mentioned how he didn’t like the term “arrogant and out of touch” being used in questions, and that stands for answers as well.

Turnbull finishes with, “I say again, she spoke for all Australians when she said to the leader of the opposition: I am frustrated because you are not telling the truth, for god’s sake.”

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