Scott Morrison lauds Josh Frydenberg’s budget in question time, Labor launch budget response


Labor is now pursuing the government over its change to the eligibility to the energy supplement payment (i.e. it does not apply to Newstart/now it does). 

Finance spokesperson Jim Chalmers asks: when did the Treasurer first decide that the energy payment numbers and decisions in the budget were wrong? 

After a thrilling technical debate about the lack of preamble in the question (and Labor’s desire for Frydenberg to come to the point), the Treasurer says, “we made this decision because we want this legislation to pass the House”. 

Nationals leader Michael McCormack is asked about “jobs and opportunities in the regions”.  

He works himself up into a modest lather about the budget. 

“It’s jobs, it’s opportunities, it’s safer roads! Last night’s budget was a budget for the bush! A budget for infrastructure! A surplus budget! Hallelujah!” 

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