Six expert tips for crafting the perfect dating profile


Something about the weather getting a little warmer and the days getting a little longer brings people out of the woodworks. Dating apps see a surge in members as spring falls upon us, and people are ready to come out of hibernation and put themselves ‘back out there.’

And though dating apps have become the norm and lack the judgments they once got, there are still do’s and don’ts when it comes to meeting the right kind of match, based on what you’re looking for. We spoke to Julie Spira, online dating expert and founder of Cyber-Dating Expert to find out the steps we can follow to create the perfect dating profile.

Post Six Photos in Your Profile

If you’re using a mobile dating app, make sure to use all of the free real estate on your profile. Fill up all six slots with photos showing you’re happy and confident in  variety of poses. On a web-based dating site, post five to seven photos, and remember to caption them with the year and spot they were taken in.

Be Authentic and Brave

We all hope there’s truth-in-advertising in the profiles we view, and your dream date feels the same way. Be honest about your passions and don’t write what you think someone else likes. Not everyone wants to go to a hockey game, but if you have season seats, mention it in your profile. Take it one step further and link your dating profile to your Instagram feed. Assuming you’re not in the arms of someone different in each shot, your date will see the real you out-and-about.

Be Specific

Most people would like to fill their passports and travel the country or the world. If you have a dream spot on your bucket list, say exactly where it is. The rarer the location, the more unique you will become. If you love to hike, say, “one day I’d like to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, but for now, I’ll stick with the local trail.” You might be surprised when someone replies with that same goal.

Don’t Write a Novel

When someone is intrigued with your profile, they don’t need to read the entire book on your life, especially your past. Keep your profile word count to 100-150 words. Anything less shows you’re not that invested. Anything more means your potential date has nothing left to ask you. You’ve overshared. If it’s a mobile dating app, 3-5 sentences is enough to state what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Add Your Hometown and School

Finding someone with common interests goes beyond bicycling, skiing, and going to concerts. When you add in where you went to college, it’s an ice-breaker for someone to ask you questions about your Alma Mater, or perhaps they even went to the same school. Adding in your home town in a time where people move around a lot for jobs, also helps someone respond to your profile. Perhaps they have family in your home town, or they may have even have visited there as well.

Ask a question 

When I write profiles for singles, I often a question similar to a pop quiz. If you’re in a photo with someone famous, write in your profile, “Bonus points if you can guess who’s in the 6th photo.” If you like music, list a few concerts you’ve gone to and ask what his or her favorite band is? Music and love are usually a winning combination, and perhaps your date can score tickets and take you to that show.

Ready to put Spira’s tips into action but not sure where to begin? Try downloading a few different, free, dating apps to try to figure out which seems best for you. My favourites right now are The Inner Circle and Happn. Let us know if you find love in the comments below.

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