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Interesting that I am writing this now, in that I just had pizza, a package of cheese crackers, animal crackers, chocolate ice cream and a soda. But maybe it will make some sense if I can convey why and/or how you can do this.

I think many of us want to weigh less or lose some weight. Throughout my life, I have looked for ways to do this. I want to share some of my ideas with you.

I am not writing here about nutrition. On that, just use your best judgment and with my practices, you may achieve a double whammy.

1. When eating out, split your meal with a partner.

2. Even as you eat alone, eat half as much.

3. Drink coffee instead of eating.

4. Brush your teeth instead of eating.

5. Of course it is against our upbringing, but leave some food on your plate.

6. Frank Sinatra did a song with the phrase, “I chewed it up and spit it out.” That will work too. Granted, maybe somewhat of a problem in polite society.

7. Sleep more. If possible, arrange your sleep so you eat only twice per day.

I would like to include exercise, and it does have its benefits, but I am reminded of a friend who does 10 miles and calisthenics every day and the floor maintenance workers in our large stores and they are all gaining weight.

The moral to my program is eat what you want but less of it. It is really a lifestyle change, and with this change, the weight doesn’t come back.

Dick Newman is a Huntington resident.

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