SPFL should’ve played it cool with split decision and not worried about possibility of Celtic v Rangers clash deciding Premiership title


IT always amazes me how the SPFL solve a problem by creating yet another one.

The brains that run Scottish football took so long to announce the post-split fixtures, we thought they were waiting for the second coming of Christ, so he could give his seal of approval.

It always amazes me how the SPFL solve a problem by creating yet another one

Scottish News and Sport

It always amazes me how the SPFL solve a problem by creating yet another one

This was all because they were so worried about the possibility of a Celtic and Rangers clash deciding the Premiership title.

The Hoops need one more win to clinch it and they play Hibs next followed by Rangers the week after.

So there is a very real danger that the very eventuality they were trying to avoid might just happen anyway.

Hibs are going all guns blazing to finish second so it would hardly be the biggest surprise in the world if they managed to snatch a result at home to Celtic on Saturday lunchtime.

The Hoops need one more win to clinch it


The Hoops need one more win to clinch it

In which case, the entire farce will have been a pointless exercise as the next game — Celtic host Rangers on Sunday, April 29 — could be when the Hoops clinch it.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the last time the top flight was decided by a match between the big two.

Rangers lifted the title at Parkhead amid chaotic scenes on and off the park, including ref Hugh Dallas being hit by a coin.

That was two decades ago — are they seriously going to use that excuse to bodyswerve such a mouthwatering prospect for the rest of time?

Leagues all over the world are crying out for a money-spinning climax which would be viewed in just about every country in the planet.

I can’t think of much trouble in recent games between the sides and you need to give the fans a bit more credit.  You always get idiots but I have every faith that something like 1999 will never happen again.

In all their desperation to change the fixture date, I assumed they’d have the usual genius SPFL contingency plan.

After weeks of meetings, discussions and conjecture, the SPFL made the sort of expert decision only they could. They put the game back a week.

I have every faith that something like 1999 will never happen again

Scottish News and Sport

I have every faith that something like 1999 will never happen again

In all their infinite wisdom it seems they forgot there’s a very real possibility the exact same problem might still crop up regardless seven days later.

If Celtic don’t win at Easter Road and Rangers or Aberdeen win their games that week it goes back to being an Old Firm decider.

I think Brendan Rodgers and his men are better than Hibs and will win if all the players do their jobs to the best of their ability.

But Hibs are one of the best teams in the country and it would be no surprise whatsoever if they get a result under the guidance of Neil Lennon.

Graeme Murty is chasing the permanent position of being Rangers manager and I reckon they will pull out all the stops to beat Hearts at Ibrox.

Heading into the Old Firm match, they will want to be riding a wave of confidence and try and spoil the party.

The SPFL can’t cancel the game or change it again because they’ve run out of time. I don’t want to tempt fate but I reckon it might unfold exactly as I suggested. And if it does, the SPFL will look more inept than ever.

We can’t repeat mistakes

Theresa May should have learned from Tony Blair

AP:Associated Press

Theresa May should have learned from Tony Blair

THERESA May should have learned from Tony Blair that getting into bed with the Americans can end in disaster.

For all the talk about the “special relationship” between the UK and US, it seems like any time the two get together it all goes horribly wrong.

Along with Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron, Britain bombed three government sites in Syria, targeting chemical weapons facilities.

They call it “military intervention” but let’s be totally honest, that’s just a nice way of saying they will destroy the place.

It doesn’t take a psychic to see how it could all go pear-shaped as other countries bite back. Innocent lives will be lost, a country will be blasted to bits and we’ll be told it was all necessary without any real explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no doubt what’s happening in Syria is horrific.

The gas attack in Douma last week killed 75 people and injured 500 more. So that tells you about the state of affairs in Syria under the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad.

But the answer isn’t to kill more people.

Former Celtic striker Lassad Nouioui suffers cardiac arrest while training

It just reminds me of the Iraqi invasion in 2003 and we all know how that panned out.

It ruined Blair’s career and I’m not surprised he was on telly last week using Syria to justify his own failures.

I’m all for saving the lives of other people and think it’s vital to help.

But I’m afraid I just see more bloodshed.

Only I could go to Cyprus and get more rain than I do in Glasgow

Only I could go to Cyprus and get more rain than I do in Glasgow

ONLY I could go to Cyprus and get more rain than I do in Glasgow.
We came home on Friday and in a cruel twist, the sun came blasting out just as we hopped on our plane back to Scotland. At least I had a great time even if the weather wasn’t too clever.

I jetted over for the christening of one of my mate’s daughters. It was fantastic because I got to meet loads of people from my days in London that I hadn’t seen in years.

But this wasn’t just any old christening. All of it was absolutely cracking — more than 200 people having a ball in a big marquee in the garden.

They really pulled out all the stops for it.

I couldn’t believe how many people were in the church for the ceremony.

At home, we tell the kids to be quiet, sit still and behave perfectly when they’re in a church.

But over there, the kids get to run about and cause havoc.

unnamed 1

That was good viewing alone as the parents tried to catch their wee ones before they wreck some important religious artefact.

At one point the godmother was holding the baby and her own little one got jealous and started trying to pull things down. I loved it.

But they didn’t seem to think it was a big deal at all. They said it was kids being kids.

Maybe church numbers in Scotland would improve if people didn’t feel like they couldn’t say.

Kylie is still looking sensational

AFP or licensors

Kylie is still looking sensational

Macca’s Cracker

KYLIE is still looking sensational and I can’t believe she’s turning 50 next month.

Singletons everywhere will be hoping for her number. But that just drums up memories of one of her biggest hits.

Every guy will be saying to themselves: “I should be so lucky.”

Scottish Cup Celtic v Rangers: Both teams to score & Celtic to win 2/1

The Sun Bets

Frank’s Flutter

RANGERS are getting closer to Celtic but I don’t think they’ll get a result in today’s Scottish Cup semi-final.

It’ll be a close game at Hampden but Celtic are after the treble and the players will be well up for it. The difference in the game could be Leigh Griffiths, assuming he starts.

If he does, I think he could score first. But I fancy Rangers to get on the scoresheet as well and maybe it ends 2-1 or 3-1 in an exciting Scottish Cup encounter.

Rangers are getting closer to Celtic but I don’t think they’ll get a result

Keith Campbell – The Sun Glasgow

Rangers are getting closer to Celtic but I don’t think they’ll get a result

Agony Frank

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