Successful tips for dating a single ‘mama’


A single mother in most cases is a woman who has been into a marriage but decided to get out of it, for different reasons; they are normally mothers with children.

Dating a single mother has its problems as well as benefits, but the good thing out of it all is that the advantages of dating a single mother will always outweigh the disadvantages, so do not panic when you are eyeing one. Love does not choose, if it is true love, then go for it. 

For one to successfully date a single mother, do the following:

1. Put her children first

The most important thing in any single mother’s life is her children, to win her heart, let her kids find a permanent place in your heart and mind. If the children hate you, then she will automatically dump you.

2. Avoid talking about her ex-husband

This will be like reminding her what she is trying to forget by bring you in her life. Avoid the topic, unless she starts it.

3. Have patience 

At the start of the relationship she will be testing your seriousness, she will have some exams for you, to pass all the tests, just be patient. A ‘hit and run’ cannot easily apply the tricks to a single mother, this is an experienced person.

4. A NO NO to games when dating a single mother

Avoid any first relationship related games, if it her money you want, make her understand your plans, then she will decide. Do not fool her around, you might not like the humiliation at end of it.

5. Ask her out in advance if you are planning for one

This is basically to prepare her so that you are not disappointed when the date comes, learning that she engaged somewhere else. They are always busy women.

6. Show genuine love for kids

Do not forget to love the kids after recognizing them, they will like you when you are a loving step father, which will be the genesis of their mother’s love with you.

7. Don’t assume, ask her out!

This will make her feel valued, ask her out in advance of course. 

8. Don’t ask to go over when the kids are around

Unless it has become so formal that the kids know you, is when you can go over at her place, otherwise you will be disappointed with her because she will not welcome you when the kids are around 

9. Never cheat on her

This will probably result to dumping you.

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