The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Nobody Leaves Russia Out of the Summit


What We’re Reading

A Perfect 2018 Bellwether: Iowa’s concentration of white, working-class voters, combined with its slow shift to the right, make it a perfect state for Democrats to test their sway with the Trump coalition. (Ed Kilgore, New York)

The Left’s Donald Trump: New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is making the most of her celebrity—and, like Trump, her supporters see in her whatever kind of champion they want. (Alice B. Lloyd, The Weekly Standard)

Trump Is Not Unraveling: In fact, the president is in his strongest political position since taking office, argues Rich Lowry. Here’s why. (New York Post)

‘A Crisis of the West’: While Donald Trump has pledged to put “America First,” his recent decisions on trade and foreign relations make the motto feel more like “America Alone,” writes Susan B. Glasser. (The New Yorker)


The Center Holds: Despite all the energy on the left, California Democrats chose mostly mainstream House candidates in their primaries on Tuesday. (Alexander Burns, Denise Lu, and Blacki Migliozzi, The New York Times)

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