The cheesy Aldi dish that helps you LOSE weight


Cauliflower and cheese is a classic dish, so why did the recipe blow up on Instagram when ALDI posted it on their social media account?

Dripping in tasty cheese and looking so incredibly tasty, it’s hard to believe the meal can actually help you lose weight – but it’s true!

When ALDI mentioned that the recipe was Keto approved, it grabbed the attention of their thousands of followers and attracted hundreds of comments and likes.

The Keto diet works by cutting out specific foods and food groups to put your body into a state of ketosis – where it will burn fat instead of carbs. People following the diet cut out all refined sugars and carbs, and focus on eating whole foods.

So while this dish might be just be an occasional treat for some, this recipe gets the big Keto tick of approval!

Cheese Cauliflower weightloss


The recipe was created by US food blogger Chef Resha, who frequently writes about how the Keto diet, and dishes like this Cauliflower Cheese, has helped her drop 10 kilos!

“There is absolutely zero pasta in this recipe, just yummy caramelized cauliflower swimming in a gooey, creamy sauce loaded with cheese. I knew that if I were going to be successful on this diet, I’d have to make delicious keto versions of my favorite comfort foods. It’s working, because I’m down over 20 pounds and hella inches, and continuing to melt. My energy is through the roof, clarity is my best friend, and I just get so much more done,” she posted on her blog.

Cheese Cauliflower weightloss


She added: “I feel like an entirely new person. Sometimes you don’t realize how bad you’re feeling every day until you start to feel so much better. I had this nagging neck pain that sometimes got so debilitating, I would be reduced to tears. Being in pain that frequently is bound to put you in a shitty mood. It hurt to play with my toddler. Chasing him around tired me out. I had no idea sugar was the culprit of all my ailments.”

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