The six worst myths you’ve ever heard about weight loss


We invited our social media followers to ask Dr. Nandi about weight loss tips they’ve heard about.

Steve Graves-Wesolosky from Leonard, Michigan said “stop eating McDonald’s every day.” 

There are so many myths and misconceptions around what to eat when it comes to losing weight. I’m sure you’ve heard many of them like avoid all carbs, cut out fat, be hungry most of the day, or eat gluten-free foods only.  

Another false weight loss tip I’ve heard is “food that tastes good is therefore bad for you.” But this one is a bit tricky and brings me to Steve’s comment. 

Yes, I’m totally in agreement that eating fast food every day is very bad.  Unless of course you’re eating mostly salads.  But I don’t hear too many people bragging about yummy salads at their favorite fast food place.  

Now fast food consumption has certainly increased over the past three decades and the foods served are often heavy on fat, sugar and sodium.  Eating out too often can lead to weight gain as well as medical problems and chronic diseases.  

So I would definitely not make fast food a habit. Yes, fast food tastes good and this is an example of certain foods not being good for you. But if you think healthy foods are not very tasty, then your taste buds are likely messed up due to eating too many foods with added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Or you might just need to experiment more with recipes and learn new ways to bring out food’s natural flavors. 

Kathy Haig Grymonprez from Essex, Ontario commented that “Weight loss is found in the kitchen. Try to follow the 80/20 rule.”

Kathy is spot on as I totally believe in the 80/20 rule. As many of you know, the 80-20 rule means 80 percent of the time make the right choices for your body’s nutritional needs, choosing real whole foods. The 20 percent is for those special treats.  

I am not at all about deprivation or starvation. In fact, as you very well know, I dislike the word diet. What I’d like you to do is eat a diverse range of foods that nurture your body, eat till you’re two-thirds full and aim for a healthy weight that’s right for you.

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