Thighger Woods, and 20 other nicknames for Saquon Barkley’s golf thighs


Saquon Barkley is getting in a little golf before rookie mini camp begins and look at this unit of a lad squeeze his ham hocks into these diminutive britches.

Those thicc gams are trying to escape their thigh enclosure and run north for the summer. Whenever you see these kind of meaty leg parcels it evokes some nicknames, and this was no different.

The SB Nation crew fell in love with this image, and it evoked some pretty strong responses from us too.

  • “Thick Faldo” – Jason Kirk
  • “Jacked Thicclaus” – Nate Scott
  • “Phil Thiccleson” – Jessica Smetana
  • “Craig Squatler” – Christian D’Andrea
  • “Rory McIlroids” – Matt Ellentuck
  • “Thiccy Fowler” – Louis Bien
  • “Leg Norman” – Michael Katz
  • “Shred Couples” – Ryan Nanni
  • “Bubba Quadson” – Kevin McCauley
  • “Leg Trevino” – Ryan Van Bibber

Honorable mentions: Bubba Squatson, Brooks Quadka, Padroid Harrington, Brad Flexon, Paul Gainzinger, Andy Girth, Swole Casey, Gym Furyk, Jason Leg Day.

And we have to have one more even though I said to myself “one from each person,” but this nickname must be set apart. Courtesy of Louis Bien …

Annika Swolenhams

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