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Tourist spots where you can make money owning rental property




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Imagine owning a rental property that generates a constant stream of passive income because it’s so in demand with tourists. This dream can become a reality if you decide to buy property in a town that offers popular local attractions, such as adventurous theme parks, lush wineries and beautiful museums.

If you want to invest in a rental property, the next step is to find the most worthwhile places to look. To determine the best touristy towns to own rental property, GOBankingRates analyzed the annual rental revenue and average daily rental rate in 50 cities and destinations. The annual rental revenue for each town comprises the total nightly rate and cleaning fees earned over the past year and doesn’t include taxes, service fees or additional guest fees. The average daily rental rate consists of the average nightly rate and cleaning fees for all booked days over the last year.

With growing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway, it’s a simple task to rent out your property to eager vacationers across America. California, in particular, hosts the largest number of cities with popular attractions, followed by Florida. Overall, there are plenty of U.S. cities where you can own a lucrative investment property. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the full list. 


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