Track Walk – Lošinj DH World Cup 2018


Oh hello, DH fans… Didn’t see you there. Welcome back. The long wait is over; the downtime is done. Round one of the UCI World Cup is finally upon us once again, after a half-year hiatus. Coming out of a soul-destroying, snowy hibernation or more likely, winter training in far away lands, your favourite gravity mountain bike racers have congregated on an upper corner of the Mediterranean and there’s good news… This venue as a place to grab a wonderful calamari dinner, or to do battle by bike, is unlikely to disappoint.

Beginning 245m above the harbour finish line, we’ll be starting with some generously proportioned jumps on course gravel, before plunging straight into the belly of the beast. And boy does it look like a monster… It’s possible you’ve never seen rocks quite like this in your mountain bike career, so jagged and plentiful they are. Littered with large drops, gaps and only wheel destroying savagery in between, rest assured bikes will not be spending much time on the ground. The final third of the course offers a little more dirt as it ploughs on through evenly spaced trees and some smaller features, but speeds are kept running high. Riders then arrive at a road crossing that delivers them into much-discussed, final urban section. With few turns and only a couple of obstacles in the narrow alleyways, there won’t be much deviation in the times here, but it’ll be mighty fast and an interesting twist from a set-up perspective.

It’s a completely new season and a totally new track… Who’s your money on? Why not call it now before everyone gets a glimpse of who’s on it tomorrow for training…

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