Viral Video: Baseball bat-swinging woman sparks huge brawl at Houston apartments


HOUSTON — Let’s call it a melee on a Monday.

Cell phone video of an epic courtyard clash at the Park Houston Apartments on the city’s southeast side has gone viral.

The video starts with a woman who got a little too inspired by the Astros World Series win and went all “batter up” on one dude’s head.

But as the man begins to retaliate, a crowd of about several people jump in — men and women hurling punches in every direction.

One guy comes out the blue, picking up a woman before violently slamming her to the pavement.

You can see a guy run to her defense as she stumbles trying to get back on her feet.

The fight continues, and almost on cue, you hear police sirens and everyone scurries off.

Houston police reported officers received a call around 6:45 p.m. about a large disturbance and found roughly 50 people duking it out.

No injuries were reported, and no one was arrested. However, officers insist the situation remains under investigation.

Here we go again! Another viral video at the center of a police investigation.

…who needs informants when we have smart phones.

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