Viral video: the internet loves the awkwardness on this San Diego newscast | Entertainment


A local news segment attracted large numbers of non-local viewers this week as the internet decided this newscast from San Diego’s KUSI News might be the most awkward news segment ever. 

The Inflatable Run is a family-friendly event featuring carnival games and an inflatable obstacle course.

However, you won’t know any of that until two minutes and thirty-five seconds into this newscast, and when you finally start to piece together what is going on, your information will be from someone calling himself Mr. Whacky. 

The segment begins with TV host Dave Scott asking an unclear question to the anchor back in the studio about what comes to mind when they think of the word “inflation.” His attempt at a joke about economics drags on for 50 seconds, as the anchor in the studio is unwilling to play along. 

Scott segues into asking a group of expressionless bystanders to give themselves a round of applause. We then learn that it’s a group of volunteers, but what they are volunteering for remains unknown. 

The segment continues to go downhill as Scott interviews the unexcited group and then, next thing you know, he is leading them in a magic chant. 

Enter Mr. Whacky — a man dressed in a green inflatable costume, who is more articulate than anyone we’ve heard from so far. Mr. Whacky is able to shed some light on what event is taking place with an enthusiastic pitch for the family-owned business. 

It all ends with everyone partaking in the Mr. Whacky dance. 

Enjoy this week’s little gem of local news. 

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