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Airport workers signalling flights into landing have a hugely important job. Yet, after the aircraft has touched down, their arm-waving and banner holding usually comes to an end. For one employee at Toronto International Airport, Jahmaul Allen, the fun wasn’t over after his official duties ended and he put on quite the show for the passengers in the plane. The cheeky chap, who was still holding red signals in each hand, put his legs together to jump down the parking area before switching to a regimented march.

During this, he swung alternate hands above his head in the comical display.

He then put his hands behind his back in a shimmy before deciding to walk backwards, and directly face the passengers in the plane.

One of the travellers, who was filming his antics on camera, could then be heard bursting into giggles as he continued his unexpected actions.

For his ultimate finale, Jahmaul switched to a side profile view so the entirety of the craft could see his outdoor boogie in full glory.

He waved his arms over his head with a sassy side step to get him back to the terminal.

Taking of his rib-tickling antics Jahmaul previously told Canada’s global news: “Honestly, I just love what I do.”

The video clip was posted on Twitter account @blogTO and has, at the time of writing, got 18,000 views.

It has also gained almost 6,000 re-Tweets.

One Twitter user commented underneath: “That’s funny…good for him he’s making his job fun.”

Another also put: “Dude’s gotta stay warm.”

One then surmised: “That’s awesome. Hats off to the dancing dude.”

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, a plane passenger left those in the cabin gobsmacked with her jaw-dropping flexibility recently.

Stephanie Millinger made sure she wasn’t stiff or cramped during her journey, in fact using the trip in the skies as the perfect chance to practise yoga.

The 26 year old, who had a spare aisle chair beside her during her journey, performed an impressive back bend standing on her seat.

With her spine in a perfect arch, she managed to fit the entirety of her body onto the chair.

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