Weight-Loss Photos of Men Who Lost 100-Plus Pounds


“A car crash changed everything.”

jordan grahmCourtesy bodybuilding.com

By the time Jordan Grahm reached 21 years old, he weighed 420 pounds. Strangely, he found the motivation to transform his life after a severe car collision in 2008. Through diet and exercise, he managed to shed 170 pounds, and his success inspired him to shift his career: He quit his job as a commercial real estate agent and is now a certified personal trainer, a brand ambassador for bodybuilding.com, a weight-loss specialist, and a fitness nutrition expert who has helped dozens of clients find the same happiness he did. He recommends making short-term goals, not long-term ones. “When I first started, I decided to not think about the fact that I had over 200 pounds to lose. I just focused on taking the right steps each day. I focused on losing the first ten, then the next ten, and so on,” he says. Want a new way to lose weight? Give one of these 42 fast, easy tips a try.

“Give yourself a gift.”

Ira SingerCourtesy Ira Singer

Ira Singer calls himself the “poster child for food addiction.” Singer would make frequent stops at fast food drive-thrus, indulge in late-night eating binges, and plow through plenty of candy and snacks. But after fighting his weight gain for years, he decided to transform his life by making small changes he could sustain. He found a gym he enjoyed and managed to lose nearly 120 pounds (from 295 pounds to 177) over eight months. “Not only did the weight start dropping because I had a trainer guiding me,” he explains, but he was able to go off his blood pressure medicine and his nightly CPAP machine, a device that treats sleep apnea. “I have given myself a gift: The realization that I can do what I set my mind to.”

“Fall in love with something.”

Josh WarrenCourtesy Josh Warren

Josh Warren struggled with high blood pressure, low energy, and a lousy diet; he was battling obesity. After taking stock and discussing his issues with his family, Warren made the decision to exercise more on January 1, 2016. No longer obese, Warren is down to 230 pounds and is still shedding pounds. He joined a local gym and quickly fell in love with working out. “I couldn’t get enough, so I hired a personal trainer to push me to my limits six days a week,” he says. “The harder we worked, the more I loved it, to the point where fitness and working out has become a top priority in my daily life.” To maintain stamina and progress, he explains, he needed to convince himself first. And most importantly: “Have a purpose to keep you on track, especially when you feel like giving up.” Learn what 7 different men wish they could tell their younger selves about their health.

“Envision who you can become.”

Byron JacksonCourtesy Byron Jackson

Byron Jackson never imagined he could be the kind of person who worked out five days a week and chose a salad over greasy food. Not too long ago, his day began with a breakfast burrito, followed by medications for his high blood pressure and cholesterol, and then a struggle to tie his own shoes. Inspired to feel better, stronger, and healthier, he decided to join D1 Training, a local fitness studio. Though he says the workouts were extremely difficult at first, 18 months later, he’s gone from 340 pounds to 230. For Jackson, keeping an image in his mind of where he wanted to be was the game-changer. “Look at the steps it takes to get there. For me it was to stop smoking, eat more balanced and healthy meals, and dedicate time to physical activity,” he says. “Always remember who you’re doing it for. There were times I wanted to give up during workouts and give in to temptations, but I would always think about my wife and son. The thought of being better and around longer.” These are the superfoods every healthy man needs in his diet.

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