Your habits and lifestyle could be lowering your immune system


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Your habits and lifestyle could be lowering your immune system (MGN/Pixabay)

How you dress or what you eat could affect your immune system.

“You just need to consider what you’re putting into your body,” said Candy Waters, a nurse and professor at Horry Georgetown Technical College.

There are habits that are obviously bad for you, but what you may not realize is they are also bad for your immune system.

“Smokers get infections much quicker and they get nastier infections because they’ve taken out the first line of defense in their respiratory system by smoking,” said Dr. Dennis Rhoades, the regional medical director for Doctor’s Care.

The foods you eat and drinks you drink also can lower your immune system. Empty calories are the main thing to avoid according to nurse Candy Waters.

“People from the south hate me for this one but sweet tea, you know everybody loves their sweet tea, but it’s total empty calories,” said Waters.

People who don’t drink enough water are also more susceptible to illness.

“Drink water. Not drink liquids, drink water. Water helps to flush out all kinds of bacteria and germs,” said Waters.

Clothes and footwear also play a roll in your health.

“Whenever our body temperature gets over around 99 degrees or drops below 97 degrees, our immune system doesn’t work. I see every day, walking into the office, these kids wearing flip flops or sandals without socks on and the temperature is 28 degrees out,” said Dr. Rhoades.

And an obvious fact- if you aren’t sleeping 7-8 hours a night, you aren’t letting your immune system regenerate. To boost your immune system you can eat foods with anti-oxidants, like fresh fruits and vegetables.

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